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Detailing Interior

Only 32% of drivers clean the interior of their car and when they do, they do not clean it properly.

Ineffective Products

Drivers use consumer products to eliminate an odor but all their doing is masking the smell for a short period of time while leaving behind bad chemical residue. 
They use ineffective & toxic products inadvertently spreading the bacteria instead of eliminating it.

So it’s not hard to understand how an odor persists or bacteria accumulates so quickly in small spaces like cars that are shared by multiple people and their pets on a daily basis!

So What’s The Big Deal

700 the number of bacteria found in an average car

Steering wheels for example are 4x dirtier than a toilet seat.

most common bacteria found in vehicles Staph bacteria & Propioni bacteria.

Consider the Indoor Air Quality Of your vehicle with constant breathing, coughing, food spills, animal odor remnants etc.