Make every area of your life a cleanzone

For cleaner Indoor Air Quality 

  1. Smoke

  2. Pet

  3. Mold

  4. Food

  5. Spills

  6. Body Odor

  7. Germs

  8. Bad In-door Air Quality


The CleanZone Difference

  • Straightforward solutions to acrid odors that can be used in every vehicle no matter its age or condition.

  • Odor elimination at the biological source including smoke, pet, food, and mildew other stubborn orders.

  • Targeted treatment that penetrates cracks to tackle the source of odors you can’t see but can definitely smell.


Recommended by major dealerships

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Majority of dealerships where using ozone generators that takes countless hours to treat and countless hours to re-enter the vehicle since an ozone generator is extremely harmful. They where also using a fog machine which leaves behind residue and couldn’t get in all the cracks; furthermore, after time it erodes all electronic components.

Give your vehicle a treat

Personalize Your Space With Clean Air

The most versatile product ever created. By simply dissolving it in water, CleanZone generates a powerful solution for breaking down air particles to eliminate any stubborn odor at its source. Our process is a one-step formula to eliminate any odor while killing airborne and surface bacteria. Used in hospitals, government agencies, waste management and so much more. We simplified the process for usage on any 250-300sqft space, preferably; you vehicles.


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