One tablet keeps the smell away

Air purification tablet and cup

Air purification tablet and cup

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Clo2 fumigation is a safer, and cleaner alternative method in deodorizing your vehicle.

Guaranteed to eliminate odors at its biological level.

Non toxic unlike bleach, and better at killing surface bacteria than any other method; such as an Ozone generator, humidifier, or fog machine. 
Both EPA and CDC recognize Clo2 as a sterilizer that kills surface and airborne  bacteria.
Saving you time and money on products that don't work.


  • How it works

    Once dropped in an 8oz. cup of water, the tablet dissolves, creating a gas.
    Each tablet covers up to 250sqft

    Let it dwell unoccupied for a minimum of 4-6 hours.

    Made for any type of stubborn odor, such as: Smoke, Pets, Food, Mold or Mildew.

    Recognized by CDC as an efficient method of killing airborne and surface bacteria



    No refund if package is opened or tampered with.


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